The Burned Out Nerd

New Month, New Theme Redux

I have, once more, redone my page. I don't know why I can't stick to anything, but I swear, I'm sticking to this. I felt like the last layout was too blocky. Or maybe simplistic? I don't know. Either way, I hated it, so here we are! New look! We are a single column blog now! The right sidebar has been removed. I'm debating on keeping a changelog. It would be nice to keep a consistent update list for my site, but I'm not sure it's necessary. Time may tell if I implement that.

As of right now, none of my links work. They are just there to remind me of what to add to the site later. I will be adding my about page back at some point in the future. I need to revise my social links eventually. The Logs page will be dedicated to some hobbies I want to track, specifically reading, writing, and gaming. Hell, maybe I'll do more than that and add movies and podcasts! It's mostly to keep track of things I'm spending time on on a day to day basis.

I'll continue brainstorming. I want to generate contact, which is the entire purpose of the site. Maybe I should stop thinking of it as public posting and more as casual updates? I'll keep thinking on it.

Further Considerations

I'm not trying to start a trend of updating on the regular. I know me and my habits, so I'm making no promises to myself. I'm still trying to figure out what the purpose of this site will be. I want a place to document my reading habits, share about my writing struggles as a wannabe author / web serial writer, and maybe even complain a bit about work. I have a tumblr, but that has a specific aesthetic to it. Also, I want to have more control over my own data and site design.

Also, tumblr's weird, purity culture is still strong on that site, and I'm trying to explore my own limits. What horrors and taboo topics can I stomach to write? Can I truly write that evil villain in all their evilness? Like, I understand the concept of author biases and how those can appear within a story.

So anyway, I want this space to be where I can explore all of the grittiness that I can't explore on other platforms without being reported to hell and back over arbitrary bullshit.

Also, I just want to flex my front-end development skills. They're basic as hell, but I'm gonna show these bad bois off.

New Month, New Look

I have been experiencing something of an identity crisis when it comes to this site. I've been fighting with what I want this thing to look like and also my abilities to make it look like how I want it to look.

So now, I have finally figured out my look, and I'm actually going to stick with it this time. So, welcome to my new homepage. Over the next few days, I'm going to work on my other pages and a couple of cute widget. Just to give credit where credit is due, my current layout / theme was inspired by Clarity, a Hugo blog theme.